Commercial and Residential

"After interviewing at multiple brokerages, I chose RE/MAX North-San Antonio because of the hospitality, staff support, and energy of the office - not to mention that the building is very modern. The owner/broker, Kate Keating, allows me to do both commercial and residential real estate transactions. Although I focus on commercial, it is always nice to help out friends and family with their residential transactions."

- Keith Puzz, REALTOR

Great Support

"Just a note back that I couldn't be happier here at the RE/MAX family. I have been to a couple other brokers in my short new career as an agent and this is hands down a fabulous office to work for with all the tools, education, support and open and personalized attention and happy and positive environment we need to survive and thrive in this industry. I can't think of a better team and family to be part of! So many thanks to you and your wonderful staff!"

- Susan Moore, REALTOR; Christy Rupp Team

Join Our Family

"The three top reasons to join RE/MAX North San Antonio are first, we do have the best broker in town, Kate Keating who has been an owner/broker for over 20 years. Second we have the best staff; from the reception area to any help with multimedia and technology, contract support, anything that you could want, they are always available for us. Third is all the other agents that call RE/MAX North San Antonio their home. We support each other, we are always so happy for everybody’s accomplishments and we are always welcoming to anyone who wants to join our family.”The support is there for all agents that want to excel!"

- Tammy Cooper, REALTOR